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We have moved all templates to this collection page. It includes All Resume and Cover Letter Templates, Business Plan Templates, Invoice Templates and More...

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Wike visits Kwali and reiterates his plan to develop and secure six FCT area councils

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Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister Nyesom Wike promised a transformative initiative to address security challenges in the Kwali Area Council during a town hall meeting.

During a visit to the council on Tuesday, Wike revealed plans to rehabilitate two crucial roads, Yebu to Kwaita and Warko road, in response to security challenges highlighted by his chairman, Danladi Chiya.

The minister highlighted that the rehabilitation of roads is a strategic measure to limit criminal activities in the council.

“To complement what you are doing here in Kwali, let me inform you to choose two other paths. You go and contact your traditional rulers. From what I have heard you say, there is a road that you have said is very important that is not passable and you want an army outpost there. From what you say, it seems that this path is very important. So, take that and any other.

“You have told me that there is one that is an FCDA road and it is abandoned. Whoever is abandoned, we will also take it on,’ he stated.

Wike assured the six FCT area councils of the government’s dedication to addressing security challenges.

He said President Bola Tinubu is fully aware of the difficulties he faces and is committed to ensuring positive transformation.

The minister declared comprehensive support for security agencies, including the acquisition of vehicles and motorcycles.

According to him, the government is determined to provide the necessary resources to effectively address security issues.

“The president has ordered me to let you know that he feels your pain and that is why he said that we must go see all the area councils and talk to them about our preparation to fight insecurity to the end.

“Yes, it may not have been like that yesterday, but I can assure you that from now on, you will hear a different story and the story you will hear is a positive one.

“We are fully prepared to support our security agencies. Whatever makes the council sleep with their eyes closed, we’re going to give it to them. Ours is to provide the necessary logistics. As I speak to you, we have almost completed the procurement of vehicles for the security agencies.”

“We are going to provide motorcycles to each area council so that they can use them and support their guards so that they can help us and provide the security agencies with the necessary information,” he said.

Wike promised a change of approach and promised to develop area councils to discourage rural-urban migration.

“Whatever will bring development, the government does not hesitate. Whatever is going to improve security, we don’t hesitate.

“We cannot talk about development only in the city. Why most people go to the city because there is no basic infrastructure in these areas. If there are roads, someone can go from here (Kwali) to work and back.

“Because town halls have been abandoned, that’s why so many people are migrating to the city. We will not allow it. We will make sure to develop the Area Councils.

“This will be the first administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu that will focus on the development of regional councils. Before his term ends, we will see a lot of infrastructure in the six regional councils,” the minister said.

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Responding to the Council Chairman’s request to swear in a new traditional ruler in Kwali, Mr Wike assured that it would be approved soon, provided there are no disputes or court cases involved in the process.

“On the question of leadership, if there is no dispute, consider it done. If everything is done, when I return to the office I will take the file and make sure it is approved,” he added.

Also attending the town hall were the Minister of State of FCT; Mariya Mahmoud, the FCTA Permanent Secretary, Olusade Adesola; the former representative of the FCT in the National Assembly, Philip Aduda; former senator Mao Ohuabunwa; former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Chibudom Nwuche; Sarkin Pai, Sani Pai and other traditional rulers.

Members of the FCT Security Committee also attended.

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