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We have moved all templates to this collection page. It includes All Resume and Cover Letter Templates, Business Plan Templates, Invoice Templates and More...

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Wizkid and Davido revive longstanding feud through heated social media exchange

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The ongoing rivalry between Nigerian top artistes Davido and Wizkid seems to be far from over. Seven years after supposedly settling their supremacy rift on stage at Wizkid’s concert, they are back at it again.

Both artistes reconciled during Wizkid’s concert at the Eko Convention Center in Lagos. To the audience’s delight, Wizkid made the first move by inviting Davido to share the stage and spotlight with him.


With that gesture, Wizkid debunked speculations that he had an age-long beef with Davido as they performed the latter’s hit track, Fia.

It was the first time both singers would perform together.

Davido and Wizkid, touted as Nigeria’s biggest music acts, have engaged in a cold war fueled by their die-hard fan base for over a decade.


As both artistes continue to lock horns, the 30 Billion gang and Wizkid FC have refused to back down and have taken the fight to the next level.

Wizkid and Davido reignited their long-standing feud with a fiery exchange on social media, which began on Monday.

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Renewed fight

The latest chapter in their saga started with a diss video uploaded by Wizkid, apparently a subtle jab at Davido.

The Ojuelegba crooner posted a leaked video of Davido on his knees, crying and begging an alleged female associate.

The video surfaced online in April.

Wizkid, 33, posted the video, seemingly suggesting his fans needed to plead for a new song as intensely as the person in the video (implying Davido).

The post sparked a social media firestorm and ignited a frenzy among the 30 Billion gang and Wizkid FC. It also caused friction between singers Kizz Daniel, Tekno, and other artistes.

However, Davido felt slight and clapped back at Wizkid on Monday night.

Dead career

In his clapback, Davido said Wizkid’s songs are no longer recognized. He boasted that since he entered the music industry, Wizkid and others have not experienced peace of mind.

He said, “That’s what I thought. Nothing to say, exactly why I stopped wasting my clout and jeopardizing my millions of USD of endorsements on someone whose career was resurrected a few years ago just to die again.”

The ‘Unavailable’ crooner said he would find somewhere with a beach to relax because when there’s light, darkness vanishes.

“I have hits; he doesn’t. Tell him to let’s drop it. Darkness vanishes, and they give birth to him. Very well, he should drop. I’m ready. I’ve got 80 hits ready to go. Ayo, please activate me. He didn’t fit, solo short, bitch.”

“It’s so funny how the whole industry is scared of a 4-foot guy like him. I’m short too, but if you see him in person, you’ll just giggle, idiot.”

The Grammy-nominated singer expressed disappointment that the tour he was scheduled to embark on with Wizkid would no longer take place.

On 18 January 2023, Wizkid announced on his Instagram page that he would embark on a tour with Davido after his ‘MLLE (More Love, Less Ego)’ tour.

Moreover, Davido clarified that he wouldn’t let Wizkid’s illness derail his focus or distract him.

He said, “In 2024, let’s all get active. We’ll see. I can’t wait until 20 years from now. E, enjoy your time.”

You’re not above me

In response to Davido, Wizkid stated that he (Davido) was not superior to him in the music industry.

Wizkid shared the same video with diss Davido, stating, “There’s no point. Delusional guys, I’ll pray for you all.”

“You (Davido) and all your crew, plus your pant washer songwriter, sleep at night thinking you’ve got anything on me in music. I wish you all well,” Wizkid tweeted.

Don Jazzy not spared

In addition to Davido, Wizkid also took shots at Don Jazzy, the boss of Mavin Records, whom he labels an ‘influencer’.

His jab at Don Jazzy was targeted at his (Don Jazzy’s) signee Ladipoe.

Ladipoe, a rapper signed to Don Jazzy’s label, ridiculed Wizkid for claiming that ‘hip hop is dead’.

Ladipoe, on his X, wrote, “Nigerian rappers that survived ‘hip hop is dead’ watching Afrobeat artistes go through their own.”

Wizkid, upon being alerted to the post by user ‘miracledc12’, reacted, “Lol, never chatting with anyone signed to an influencer. Next.”

Furthermore, he retweeted two tweets suggesting that he referred to Don Jazzy as an influencer.

Don Jazzy, displeased by Wizkid’s remark, unfollowed him on Instagram.


The exchange between the singers set tongues wagging on social media and ignited several reactions.

Singer Peruzzi and a former signee of Davido referred to Wizkid as a lizard for using a video of his former boss to ridicule a fan.

Similarly, media personality Adesope Olajide, known as Shopsydoo, said Wizkid referencing Don Jazzy as an influencer was a negative portrayal of the Afrobeats culture.

He said, “Don Jazzy is nowhere near being an influencer; that’s a disparagement of the entire culture.”

Furthermore, VeryDarkMan maintained that Wizkid was foolish in labeling Don Jazzy as an influencer.

He emphasized that Don Jazzy facilitated Nigeria’s inaugural international collaboration, underscoring that regardless of Wizkid’s accomplishments, he cannot attain the stature of the Marvin boss.

“I refrain from involving myself in Wizkid, Davido, and Burna Boy controversies as they can never reach the calibre of Don Jazzy. However, it’s regrettable that he (Don Jazzy) has lowered himself to their level.

“Look at Tiwa Savage and the recognition he bestowed upon her; Rema, D’banj, Wande Cole, and others prospered under Don Jazzy’s tutelage.”

VeryDarkMan added that when Don Jazzy had been making waves as a singer and producer, Wizkid was without a single song.

More so, Regha questioned Wizkid’s collaboration with Tiwa Savage on ‘Ma Lo’ in 2017 as Don Jazzy signee, given his claim of not communicating with anyone signed by the music producer.

The social media influencer said: “Wizkid, you’re 33 years old and a father of many children. Is this the kind of mindset you wish to teach your children?”

Regha claimed that Wizkid was aware of how damaging the video of Davido on his knees was, yet chose to post it to ridicule him (Davido).

“For someone often put on a pedestal of maturity, are you sure you don’t know how to comport yourself? Grow up,” he noted.


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