Helpful Breastfeeding Tips for a New Mom


Breastfeeding is a necessary practice that is not easy for all new moms to become familiar and comfortable with. Don’t worry, repetitive practice makes it easier over time.

There are a few ways you can make breastfeeding easier as a new mom and here are five tips for you.

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1. Breastfeed skin to skin

Helpful Breastfeeding Tips for a New Mom

Going skin-to-skin will help activate your baby’s feeding instincts and keep him from being fussy and fussy. Take off your top and bra and hold your baby to your chest while breastfeeding.

You can cover yourself with a soft wrap or blanket if you are not comfortable with being naked.

2. Practice pumping regularly

Helpful Breastfeeding Tips for a New Mom

Get familiar with your breast pump. especially if your maternity leave is ending very soon. This would help you create a regimen that can work for you and your baby.

Also, try expressing your milk a few minutes after feeding your baby in the morning, as this is the time when your milk supply increases.

You can also pump and feed at the same time, this will help you save time and familiarize yourself with pumping.

3. Take time to sleep seriously

Helpful Breastfeeding Tips for a New Mom

As a new mom, you already know that you work on your baby’s schedule. This can be exhausting, but be sure to get enough sleep as this will affect your milk supply and energy levels.

You can express enough milk and store it for later, and your spouse can feed the baby while you sleep what it deserves. It would also help your baby and spouse bond from the beginning.

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4. Control the number of times you feed

Helpful Breastfeeding Tips for a New Mom

This would help you measure how many times you need to breastfeed and therefore how much milk you should have already expressed if you are going back to work.

It would also help you to know if your baby has problems with appetite and eating well.

5. Research on breastfeeding before delivery

Helpful Breastfeeding Tips for a New Mom

This would help you plan for the future. The time immediately after birth would be very busy and you would probably be in pain and not in the mood to learn anything new.

Ask other experienced moms and midwives for breastfeeding tips and techniques that can help you. Also, read books on breastfeeding so that you can have some knowledge before your baby is born.

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