How the police forced me to write ‘I won $5,000 from yahoo’


A music publicist shared a harrowing experience he had with some policemen on his way to meet a friend in Lagos.

Ajayi Boluwatife recounted her ordeal with members of the Federal Special Weapon and Tactics (FSWAT) through her Twitter account on Friday.

He told PREMIUM TIMES that he was arrested in Ikoyi and taken to a police division in Adeniji Adenle, Lagos Island.

They made me “fill out a declaration form and paid 150k”.

Recounting his experience in a Twitter threadHe said he was arrested by police officers on Thursday around the Ikoyi-Link bridge road.

“Some men dressed in black with FSWAT written all over them stopped my car,” he said.

“I was calm, the next thing they told me was to get off and when I was about to open my bag to show them that I had no contraband, they handcuffed me, pushed me towards their Korope (mini bus) on the other side of the street, I kept begging them to confused with someone, the only thing they said was “you are a criminal, you are a thief.

“They handcuffed me to another guy who they caught with Indian hemp and I kept praying that he had nothing against me, there were 3 of them, one told me to shut up or he would slap me and he was smiling.”

Boluwatife said they were taken in handcuffs to the Adeniji central police station on Lagos Island.

“They took me and the other guy to the back of the station and took our handcuffs off, telling us to leave our bags and bring our phones,” he said.

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“They started asking where I work and I tried to answer, they didn’t even let me explain anything, these illiterate people kept saying I’m lying and I should call Olamide or Wizkid on my phone if I really work in music. (industry), if not, I’m lying.”

He further said that when his phone was searched, they saw conversations with some customers and his Cash app and concluded he was a scammer.

He added that he begged to call his parents, but they refused to “give me my phone, call me a thief and tell me I’ll sleep in the cell.”

He said that a few minutes later, officers ordered him to write in his statement that “I won $5,000 from yahoo.”

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According to him, he was also asked to write down the date he engaged in the fraud.

“These people refused to let me call my father or my friends, I was AWOL for 2 hours and had to carry out their orders before they released me, I do not pray that my enemy will go through this.”

the police react

Reacting to Mr. Boluwatife’s experience, benjamin hundeyinthe police spokesman in Lagos state said through his Twitter account that the FSWAT is supervised at the federal level.

“It is now imperative to clarify that FSWAT, domiciled at Adeniji Police Station, is not under Lagos State Police Command but under FCID, Abuja,” he wrote.

He also put the contact of Funmilayo Eguaoje, the FCID spokesman.

“I’m on it,” Ms. Eguaoje told this newspaper on Saturday. She added that she spoke to Mr. Boluwatife and told him to meet with the deputy police commissioner and identify the officers.

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