Why I shared dildos at my mom’s memorial event


Nkechi Blessing A controversial Yoruba actress caused a stir online after she distributed s3x toys and dildos as souvenirs at an event in Lagos on Saturday.

The occasion was a ceremony commemorating the anniversary of his mother’s death.

The actress lost her mother a few days before her birthday in September 2021.

Videos of the event went viral over the weekend and have drawn mixed reactions.

In response to criticism, the famous actress said that advertising s3x toys is a source of income for her and her family.

However, it is being criticized, as many questioned the morality of such “advertising”.

Checks on her Instagram page show that the actress has been advertising s3x toys for the last two years.

When PREMIUM TIMES contacted the actress, she declined to comment, saying she doesn’t pay attention to criticism.

She also mocked her detractors, saying that they had begged her on WhatsApp messenger to have the dildos despite criticizing her on social media.


Minutes later, in the WhatsApp status, the actress said that the criticism is inconsequential.

In a short video of the actress recorded at the event, the actress said, “I’m not saying men are scum because I have a man, but you need to have one (dildo) for yourself in case you don’t have a man. .”

History of controversies

The actress broke up with her ex-lover, Opeyemi Falegan, in April due to a notorious blog report accusing her of infidelity.

Their affair became problematic after the blog accused the famous actress of having a personal experience with a real estate agent for an endorsement deal.

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In addition to acting, Nkechi is the group general manager of a real estate company, Ojulowo – Omoluabi Empire Holdings Limited, in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun state.

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The actress was accused of dating the owner of the company.

Lately, the actress, who has a love-hate relationship with her fans, has been in the news for her past relationship with a political boyfriend of hers, according to a blogger.

In his indictment, the blogger labeled Nkechi as Falegan’s wife.

Also, in a recent TV interview, the Yoruba actress said that she dated Mr. Falegan to get back with her American ex-boyfriend.

“He was the one who loved me the most. I recently broke up with my ex, who lives in the US, and then in the heat of the breakup he started posting a girl who was covering her face and I realized this man was asking me out. So I tried to use it to get back at my ex; I landed in the relationship.”

Although still to be known, the actress has hinted at her new found love.

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