9mobile and Cherie Blair Foundation empower Nigerian women entrepreneurs

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By Prince Osuagwu, High Tech Editor

Telecommunications operator 9mobile has partnered with the Cherie Blair Foundation to provide a simple platform for Nigerian women entrepreneurs to prosper in business.

The association allowed the development of an application, the HerVenture application, which provides women entrepreneurs with the most common rudiments and strategies to grow in any line of entrepreneurship they have undertaken.

The app will also help Nigerian women entrepreneurs develop the confidence and skills they need to grow their MSMEs to scale.

9mobile will leverage its technology and networks to promote HerVenture among Nigerian women entrepreneurs.

This new partnership is expected to fulfill its objectives by leveraging a combination of 9mobile technology and technical expertise with the Foundation’s products and programs.

It will also enable the enhanced delivery of integrated mobile business support services for women entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

In addition to the technical support that 9mobile will provide to the society, the telecommunications company also promises to launch Payment Service Bank, 9PSB, to provide innovative online banking services for women entrepreneurs.

9mobile said it was prompted to join the association by realizing that given the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the imperative to accelerate the world towards a digital economy and create more women entrepreneurs, there is an urgent need to support women for the business skills needed to succeed now and after a pandemic.

9mobile CEO Alan Sinfield said: “9mobile recognizes the importance of leveraging its technology to support very important segments of society such as women, to build and grow resilient businesses through this pandemic and beyond. We are delighted to be working with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women to support their efforts to promote the entrepreneurial potential of women in Nigeria. “

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Cherie Blair Foundation said it has also responded to this need by enhancing the HerVenture app to deliver new opportunities in the digital space, including e-commerce and digital marketing.

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