Don’t use God’s name to cajole people into marriage ⁠— Cleric


Rev. Samuel Adedayo, a cleric at the Evangelical Church Winning All in Ilorin, has admonished young ladies to beware of men who use the name of God to lure them into marriages that is against their will.

Adedayo gave the advice at a seminar for singles and the married organised by Christ Foundation Bible Church in Ilorin on Saturday.

He said that most men who approach a lady in the name of God are mostly not confident of themselves gave the warning.

He said that it is natural for a man to see, admire and approach a lady to express his intentions for her.

“May I tell young ladies and women who are of marriageable age that you should beware of men who approach you in the name of God.

“Such men say things like the Lord revealed to me in dream that you are my wife or they say things like two years ago while I was praying for a life partner, a prophet approached me and he gave me your exact description.

“You see all these are deceits, and any man who does that simply lacks confidence.

“They don’t usually stand the test of time and challenges and may I tell you that it is not true love.

“The Bible makes us to understand that Adam saw Eve and said that ‘this is the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh’, it was not revealed to him while he slept.

“I am not saying you should not involve God in your choice of life partner, I am only saying beware of those who don’t really love you but want to use you.

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“It is expected that a man be attracted to a lady, he should be able to approach you naturally, then you both can pray about the relationship together and seek the will of God.

“If you begin to see a sister in your dream, then you are beginning to probably lust after her or you are having infatuations, it is not God.

“Ladies if any man approaches you and says ‘God said you are my wife’, simply tell him, God did not say so,” he said.

The cleric said that many had fallen victim of unhappy or unfulfilled marriages because they were either married off by prophesy or cajoled into such marriages in the name of God. (NAN)

Don’t use God’s name to cajole people into marriage ⁠— Cleric

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