Hijab controversy: violence erupts in Kwara school as Christians and Muslims clash [VIDEO]


Violence erupted at the Surulere Baptist School in Ilorin on Wednesday when Christian school staff defied the directive of the Kwara state government calling on the ten mission schools closed over the hijab issue to resume classes.

DAILY POST reports that Muslim girls who resumed their classes in their hijab dress code were detained by Christian school staff, provoking the girls and their parents to the ground.

The verbal exchange that followed between Muslim parents and Christian staff soon turned into an exchange of dangerous objects, including stones, between the two parties.

Our correspondent reports that the security agents who were called had to use tear gas to disperse the troubled scene before controlling the situation.

Returning school students, parents and teachers had to scramble for safety amid rains of tear gas from security officers.

The situation was quiet at St James School, Maraba and C&S College, Sabo Oke, but no pupil or student was allowed into the schools as they remained locked up in defiance of the directive of the state government.

DAILY POST, however, reports that around 11:30 a.m., students and teachers at St Barnabas LGEA school, Lajonrin street, Sabo Oke, were expelled from the school premises and students jumped out of the windows.

Another report said that yesterday’s resistance from the Christian community to the resumption of the ten schools began at ECWA primary school, Oja Iya, around 7 a.m., with a protest before spreading to the Surulere Baptist School.

At the time of this report, no official reaction from the state government had been released.

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Hijab controversy: violence erupts in Kwara school as Christians and Muslims clash [VIDEO]

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