‘The Real Money No Limit’


Gamers and YouTubers Jess No Limit made a surprise by proposing to his girlfriend Sisca Kohl. The fans are so pissed off. They imagine how luxurious their wedding will be, because these two influencers are now rich.

In their latest post, which of course went viral, Jess No Limit knelt down to apply for a celebrity Sisca Kohl. Sisca Kohl also showed off her proposal ring.

It didn’t take long, as seen by detikINET, Thursday (25/8/2022) Jess No Limit became Google Trends. Meanwhile, Sisca Kohl also became trending topic on Twitter with 1,742 tweets.

Many fans congratulated him. Many are baper and touched too. Not a few netizens are jealous.

Understandably, Jess No Limit and Sisca Kohl are both rich as influencers. If they got married, it would be even more extraordinary.

Here’s some Indonesian netizens reaction in Twitter:

“My humor is limited to reading people’s comments on Sisca Kohl’s tiktok video “the real money no limit” that’s funny, the definition of sat set sat set,” said @ditaclaraov

“Jess has no limit with Sisca kohl otw the aisle, I can’t imagine how luxurious the wedding will be. There’s really no money limit,” said @PramudyaN***.

“Laughing at justin applying for sisca kohl😭 it’s really cute,” said @kim_men ***.

“Jess No Limit and Sisca Kohl will have rice ice cream at the wedding, right?” ask @fnlw***.

“Sisca Kohl and Jess No Limit are really excited to apply for batik. It’s like a civil servant at the National Working Meeting,” commented @Tesh***.

“Jess has no limit, if you marry Sisca Kohl, the money will be infinity,” said @bobaw ***.

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