Everything about Anita Oyakhilome, Pastor Chris’s ex-wife


Everything about Anita Oyakhilome, Pastor Chris’s ex-wife: Have you any knowledge of Anita Oyakhilome’s history? Gain proficiency with the main subtleties of her life and vocation. Look into Anita Oyakhilome marriage and her separation with minister Chris Oyakhilome.

Everything about Anita Oyakhilome, Pastor Chris's ex-wife

Anita Oyakhilome background

Anita Oyakhilome was brought into the world in a family which comprised of 5 youngsters, among them she was the main female kid. Her folks were fairly wealthy individuals, as her dad worked for Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Anita Oyakhilome education

Speaking with regards to her schooling, she graduated the Ambrose Alli University situated in Ekpoma. Anita Oyakhilome holds a diploma in English Language.

Marriage of Anita Oyakhilome

Anita Oyakhilome got married almost 23 years prior (in 1991). She turned into a spouse of minister Chris Oyakhilome. They got to know one another while she was learning at the University and the couple at last got hitched in Lagos. Together they brought forth 2 wonderful little girls – Charlyn and Sharon.

Unfortunately, she separated and said a final farewell to minister Chris. Along these lines, her new name presently is Anita Ebhodaghe.

By the way, an incredible number of individuals condemned minister Chris for getting married to the white lady (Anita). People in general are of the assessment that there were such countless great and good women of color in Nigeria who were prepared to get hitched and make an incredible spouse for minister Chris. Notwithstanding, such charges were baseless because of the way that minister Anita has a Nigerian-Swiss foundation. Furthermore, she even started from a similar state as minister Chris did – from Edo state. From this, any reasonable person would agree that the two of them have a similar beginning.

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Everything about Anita Oyakhilome, Pastor Chris's ex-wife

Minister Anita Oyakhilome profession

As for her occupation, she is additionally known to be a writer of various books, for example, Confession for Living, Handbook for Successful Living, Unending Springs of Joy and so on.

When Anita was hitched to Pastor Chris, she filled the role of the Director of Christ Embassy’s International Office. She was likewise a regulator of issues in the British locale. Likewise, she is a prime supporter of Christ Embassy.

Now, you have a better idea of the tale of Pastor Anita life and discovered her accomplishments which have helped Christians and Nigeria in general. Trust you have observed this article intriguing and helpful.


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